book signing

NEW YORK Architectural Time

September 23rd, 6:30 pm at Rizzoli in Galleria - Milan

“This book of photography is an invitation to surprise us and to dream, showing us that dreams and surprises are possible, always.”

Gianandrea Noseda, Conductor


This is a New York photo story.

The artificial lights and people are scarce, as it is more a story about a city that is heard, tasted, and lived.

These are blurs of moments, details, sensations that do not catch the eye of so many of us, moments that are pulled away by the frantic jolt of the city that never sleeps.

These are images captured to give a new life to the streets and avenues where the human stream throws itself into the hours of the day and night. It is indeed a moment of concentration and meditation for a personal understanding of silence, rather than chaos.

These are photographs made out of instances of waiting. Waiting for a season and lightness; waiting for the arrival of somebody who will then leave; waiting for the sunrise; waiting for rain or unexpected snow.

These photos have been collected throughout the years and are arranged here by time: from midnight to midnight. Moments that have been caught far away in time are now close to each other.

A 24 hour architectural stroll through the city, its seasons, and its colors.


Format 24x31 cm

Pages 128

Year of publication January 2019

ISBN 9788891821737

Language English

Genre Art & Photography

Publisher Electa Mondadori

Author Stefano Pasqualetti

Preface Gianandrea Noseda, Conductor

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