Emotions from Pisa

"...Pasqualetti shows us the Pisa that we know and above all a Pisa that we never noticed. …This collection of photographs also demonstrate how architecture, through its forms and its surfaces, can evoke emotions that are constantly changing, as sun and seasons take their daily and yearly paths."

Howard Burns


"This photo collection book is not merely a book, it is also a testatment to image, reason and feeling. Stefano Pasqualetti is the author; Felici Editore, the publisher of this fascinating journey of which “Emotions from Pisa” is more than a title. Pasqualetti has indeed enjoyed himself combining the colors and the lenses. His result has been a beautiful one: Pisa, like a bygone princess, allows herself to be gazed upon and demonstrate her fallen and not immediate beauty, portrayed through endless nuances and seasons that always show a new look. These nuances can be seen in a rainy or snow day, or even in brightnest heyday of summer. A book to be read, but really contemplate, in order to believe."

La Nazione-news paper



Explain a book of photographs? ... Impossible. 

Attempt to impart information? ... Unthinkable. 

Endeavour to classify images? ... Of course not! 


The photographic collection that begins overleaf could have the task of engaging the keen observer with a path through the city which is as common as it is unusual, or attracting the attention of the absent-minded.

Or more.

It is difficult to use the 26 characters of the alphabet to explain a myriad of colours, or the intensity of light. The craft of the scholar is a distinct one, and that of the poet is sublime. With a camera always in hand, like a pen, the result is always the same: strike down there, straight into the deep. First themselves, in that thousandth of a second that opens and closes the shutter. And then, others.

One must, indeed, be just there, in that place and at that time to take a picture, and how can one define the act of being in THAT particular place, and at just THAT particular time? Pure coincidence.

Perhaps the only title to which I cannot say no is: “emotions from pisa”.

Bon voyage.


Format 24x31 cm

Pages 172

Year of publication 2015

ISBN 8863159807, 9788863159806

Language English, Italian

Genre Art

Publisher Pacini Editore

Author Stefano Pasqualetti

Preface Prof. Howard Burns

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