The Boston Consulting Group - Miami

A new concept of working space

BCG is a company that always looks at the future not only in terms of financial strategies but also in how people live the company itself. What the company asked us to create was a space that was not just BCG, but BCG living in Miami. Basically create a new corporate concept that was telling the people how beautiful and unique Miami is, and working for BCG can make this life experience even more fascinating.

We started working on a open floorpan following the enormous amount of researches the BCG did throughout the years regarding how often a space has been used daily or weekly, how fast the company will growth, ecc. Terms as “collision", “interaction”, “experience” were key words. We had to think of flexible layouts: the main open area can turn into an auditorium if needed. Or a special sofa can turn into a “meeting space”. Furniture selection was a key point since the very beginning.

We dived the floor plan into 3 main areas where the people can experience a different and unique atmosphere.

Color selection is based on what makes Miami really special: the color of the sky at sunset and sunrise, the idea of walking through palm trees, the sand color, clouds and so on. A mix of warm and fresh color always to be combined, in order to create a blend of feelings. Our goal was also to create a good balance in the same area between traditional meeting rooms and lounge meetings, as well as private office and a new concept of lounge private office with a desk (which is actually a shelf) facing the facade to enjoy the terrific view.

The board room is designed as a theater where a custom bench at the facade can be used for formal large meeting as well as a casual events.The board table is fully demountable and can chance configuration according with the needs. Living moss panels at ceiling make the open ceiling a unique green texture.